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Adult Rowing



Western Reserve Rowing Association (WRRA) provides and promotes adult competitive and recreational rowing for the Northeast Ohio community through quality programming. WRRA is a non-profit, volunteer-run organization with over 500 adult members.

Since 1989, WRRA has offered a variety of membership and program options aimed at developing and maintaining a diverse membership of adults of all ages, whether they are new to rowing or veteran competitors. WRRA is a member of USRowing, the governing body for the sport of rowing in the U.S.

More information: WesternReserveRowing.com


  • Capital Sprints Regatta: 11 medals
  • RowOntario Masters Sprints: 15 medals
  • USRowing National Championships: 12 medals
  • Head of the Cuyahoga: Ivanhoe Boat Club Award
  • Head of the Welland: 10 medals
  • Head of the Charles: 16th out of 57th
  • Head of the Speakmon: 3 medals
  • Head of the Hooch: 5 medals

The competitive rowing programs provide structure and encouragement for WRRA members with a minimum one year of prior rowing experience who desire to participate in competitive rowing. Outcomes include an improvement of the technical skills and physical condition of rowers in the program; and increased recognition of WRRA as effective competitors at local, regional, and national rowing competitions.

WRRA offers a coached rowing program with an emphasis on learning to row, improve technique, and enjoy being outdoors on the river. It is for those rowers that want to get out on the river and row with some coaching with no emphasis on racing.

Western Reserve Rowing Association (WRRA) provides outreach opportunities for individuals who are interested in the sport of rowing through our Corporate, Veterans/Military, Pararowing, and Adaptive rowing programs.

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