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CRF Membership Letter

February 5, 2015

Dear CRF Membership,

During the past year, the Cleveland Rowing Foundation has enjoyed growth in terms of the number of rowers, the types of programs offered, and in organizational efficiency. We are excited to take this opportunity to inform the membership of CRF’s past accomplishments as well as future plans. For more detailed information, please refer to the newly-designed website: www.clevelandrows.org.

  1. CRF’s financial and accounting records are now kept consistently with generally accepted accounting principles. By carefully monitoring income and expenses, CRF is in a relatively strong financial position. Among its assets are ± 5.2 acres of riverfront real estate which includes 1200 linear feet of premiere riverfront dockage, a 19,000 square foot boathouse built specifically to house boats, and a fair number of ergometers, motors and launches. In addition, a new Code of Regulations has been passed which more accurately reflects the ways in which the Member Organizations govern themselves.
  2. CRF has installed a security system, made enhancements to the erg room, installed a drainage system to help with ground water flow, and made other building and grounds improvements. We will be making repairs to the docks and expect to add additional docks.
  3. Several facility upgrades are expected to take place in the next 12 months, or so. There will be improvements to the front lobby which will include aesthetic enhancements and a trophy case. A reorganization of the bays will mean that each member organization will have a specifically-designated bay or bay area. The yard will undergo some changes making the parking of cars, trucks and trailers more efficient. CRF is in the enviable position of having plenty of yard and ramp space, and it hopes that these layout improvements will make the moving and jockeying of boats more efficient. It should also make regattas, races and special events run more smoothly for the hosts and the competitors.
  4. Construction of a sculler’s boathouse is due to begin presently. The building will have the capacity to house 96 shells. The space that will become available in the main boathouse when the boats are moved into the new building will be used for a locker room and showers. CRF anticipates that this much-needed and long overdue improvement will be well utilized.
  5. CRF expects to significantly change the safety manual and program, in part as a result of new USRowing requirements. CRF expects to offer CPR and other coaching/coxing and safety programming, so please consider availing your organization and rowers of these offerings.
  6. CRF is planning to increase its efforts at communicating with Member Organizations and rowers. To this end, you can expect to receive CRF board meeting minutes shortly after each meeting. These minutes, as well as committee and board meeting schedules, are posted on the CRF website. Please email or contact the Communications Committee if you would like to publicize your rowers’ accomplishments throughout the season.

We hope that you will support these efforts and enjoy the facility and program enhancements. CRF is working hard to meet the needs of its Member Organizations, develop relationships with community partners, and create a world class boathouse in the heart of the Midwest. This year is off to a great start, and we look forward to some amazing changes!

Kirk Lang                                                                                                          Pat Poole

Executive Director                                                                                           Board Chair

Cleveland Rowing Foundation Members