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Head of the Cuyahoga Regatta

The largest rowing regatta in Northeast Ohio

(Please see Regatta Central for information on the 2019 Head of the Cuyahoga Regatta on September 21, 2019)

Cleveland Rowing Foundation, home of the Head of the Cuyahoga Regatta for over 20 years.

More than 1,500 collegiate, youth, and masters rowers from 59 local and out-of-state programs including prominent teams from Washington D.C., Philadelphia and Canada are scheduled to compete on the Cuyahoga river this Saturday.  The largest number of participants representing 13 States as well as Canada.

Teams race a 5,000-meter course from just north of Arcelor Mittal Steel to Rivergate Park. Spectators can see the finish line (at Cleveland Rowing Foundation) from the patio at Cleveland Metroparks’ popular Merwin’s Wharf restaurant. Racing begins at Rivergate Park, home of the Cleveland Rowing Foundation Boathouse, located at 1003 British Street, Cleveland. Rain or shine.

All regatta details are listed on regattacentral.com including parking, food vendors, maps, directions and much more!

Regatta History

Every year the Cleveland Rowing Foundation hosts a major regatta (the Head of the Cuyahoga – HOTC) the third Saturday of September, open to high school, collegiate and adult competition from around the country in both sweep and sculling events. The Cuyahoga River provides a unique opportunity for rowers to navigate the challenging turns of our crooked river over the 4800 meter course. This racing distance, called a “head race,” is the standard race format for regattas around the country in the Fall.

With its inaugural year in 1996, the initial HOTC was named a Cleveland Bicentennial event and attracted over 250 competitors. With continued success and the support of many volunteers and increased sponsorship, the Head of the Cuyahoga has gained the support of several local businesses as well as the United States Coast Guard. The Cuyahoga River is a commercial river waterway that is closed to traffic during the race. This regatta attracts numerous rowing clubs and programs from across the U.S., and it grows every year.

Check out our promotional video featuring the 2015 Head of the Cuyahoga.

Support the Head of the Cuyahoga:
If you’d like to become a Head of the Cuyahoga sponsor, please contact Kirk Lang, Regatta Director, at clevelandrowing@gmail.com for additional details.

Over 1,500 collegiate, youth, and masters rowers compete on the Cuyahoga

Athletes from 59 local and out-of-state programs including prominent teams from Washington D.C., Philadelphia and Canada raced the mighty Cuyahoga

Race day prep

Hundreds of volunteers helped with: buoy setting, launch drivers, timers, recorders, communication, spotters, runners, computer operators, results, dock duties, registration, information desk, food coordinator, first aid, award/medals.

HOTC course

Cleveland Rowing Foundation Members