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We look to our member organizations to provide their own targeted programming. They put people in boats, teach them to row and get them on the river, whether it is simply to have fun or to compete at a high level. But CRF can and does play a role when a fledgling organization needs support or nurturing. We will work with any high school or college organizations looking to start or restart a rowing program. This includes helping them find the equipment, coaching and leadership to build their program. Our goal with any incubating organization is to help it find solid footing and become a full participant in Cleveland’s rowing community.

We help our member organizations succeed

Cleveland Rowing Foundation provides the platform, but it is our member organizations — scholastic (Saint Ignatius High School, Shaker Heights High School, and Cleveland Metropolitan School District) and college teams (Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland State University, John Carroll University) and the adult-focused Western Reserve Rowing Association — who row on it. They organize and operate programs that run the gamut from Learn to Row sessions for newcomers to highly competitive scholastic, collegiate and masters teams that race at the top regattas in the United States. We’re proud of their success and happy to do whatever we can to help them achieve it. That includes preparing coaches, providing a good place for year round training and creating a culture of safety and respect where rowers can reach their potential.

We’re dedicated to help rowers get the coaching they need to improve

First and foremost, we set a safety standard for all coaches to ensure they know the river and how to keep their crews safe. We provide educational opportunities to encourage the continued growth of active and engaged coaches across all member organizations. By bringing in speakers and hosting seminars and clinics, we provide our coaches the resources they need to lead their programs to success.

For information on available High School, Collegiate, or Adult rowing programs, visit the appropriate Member Organization.

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