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Black Lives Matter

The murder of George Floyd on May 25, 2020, showed with absolute clarity that racism and violence perpetrated against people of color is a reality faced each day by many of our fellow citizens. CRF members have been fortunate and even privileged to belong to a community-based organization that provides us each with the opportunity to participate in the sport of rowing, which has been historically, a ‘white man’s’ sport. We are provided with equipment, support, and access to the river and lake, something that oftentimes we take for granted and that many in our Cleveland Community never experience. While we have been committed to ensuring that rowing opportunities are made available to children in our community that would not otherwise have the rowing experience, there is much left that we need to do as a community and an organization to ensure greater access and opportunity for people of all colors, and CRF reaffirms its commitment to serving everyone in the Cleveland community. Racism can not and will not be part of our inclusive community. The opportunity to make a difference is here now, and our actions can and should demonstrate our commitment to enact lasting change. At this time, we are focused as a rowing community, a city, and a nation on not letting history repeat itself. We must stand together now.


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