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Safety Forms

CRF Safety Manual


CRF SafeSport Policy

CQL Trainee On-Water Practical

Safety Status Application

Reciprocity for Foundry Coaches



CRF Incident Report

CRF Minor Swim Waiver and Affirmation

RiveR Safety

We're all about keeping rowers safe


The Cuyahoga River is a working river. Traffic ranges from multi-ton, 650-foot lake freighters carrying 25,000 tons of iron ore to single rowers in featherweight, fragile racing shells. For their own protection, rowers must understand and comply with federal and state law and regulations on the water as well as adhere to all rules and procedures outlined in our Safety Manual (SaM). This safety code helps us:

• Conduct safe operations by establishing critical procedures necessary to operate equipment safely and by identifying potential hazards on the water.

• Coordinate multiple rowing organizations and programs. The Safety rules enable each program to operate in a managed, predictable, and coordinated manner

• Based on the volume of shells on a narrow, commercially navigated river, the SaM enables us to operate in a manner that ensures the safety of our members.

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