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REOPENING Update: Phase One

Dear Program Heads, Head Coaches, and Safety Qualified Rowers,

The CRF Board is pleased to announce a limited reopening for its member organizations effective Tuesday, May 26, 2020. No organization including CRF was pleased to have to cancel rowing or to lose the income that enables us to do what we love.

While we understand everyone is anxious to get back on the water, it is essential we continue to comply with the Governor’s Order and take all necessary precautions to ensure the safety of CRF member organizations. On behalf of myself, and the CRF Board of Directors, we thank you for your patience.

With the announcement and subsequent release of guidelines pertaining to outdoor contact sports, we have drafted and approved the attached rules and modifications to our current waiver, which will apply to our Phase One reopening. Please read the Phase One Rules and familiarize yourself with them. In addition to the copy that is being sent to you, it is also available on our website, and posted throughout the CRF property. In addition to compliance with the SaM, it is expected that all rowers from each Member Organization will additionally comply with the rules and the provisions provided in the waiver.

Of note:

  • You will additionally be required to download and sign the attached waiver. A limited amount of copies will be left inside the small boathouse if you do not bring a signed copy with you, but no pens will be available. Please leave your signed copy in the box provided inside the small boathouse. Your member organization may require you to sign an additional hard copy or electronic waiver that is specific to that organization.

  • To ensure no more than six shells are launched in a fifteen minute period, you will be required to sign up for a session on iCrew. All privately owned scullers have been entered. Once your organization notifies CRF that CLUB equipment is permitted, I will upload all approved general scullers into the iCrew site. If you're a private sculler and do not see your name listed, please reach out to me at so that I can upload your name into the system. While CRF is requiring you to sign up for a specific session through iCrew, this system does not exclude the need to reserve a boat via a different system if your organization requires you to do so. When you arrive on the property, please sign in on iCrew and confirm your arrival. Upon departure, you are required to sign out. This new system replaces the paper sign in/out procedure. CRF is paying for this system so please follow the registration rules, which will be sent out to all CRF private scullers following this email. A two minute video will also accompany the iCrew registration email to walk you through the registration and app procedures.

  • Please note that no one will be permitted to take a rowing shell out, private or club-owned, until they have registered, paid their membership fees (and rack fees if they own a shell), and submitted their waiver. A reminder email will go out tomorrow, Monday, May 25 to all private scullers who have not paid their rack fee for 2020.

  • Any items other than shells and oars must be removed from the scullers boathouse by May 31, 2020. Items left after this date will be moved outside. This includes hats, towels, roof racks, and rowing shell covers. This is being done to enable CRF staff to be able to properly clean and sterilize the boathouse several times each day.

Please contact me at if you have any questions or concerns. I look forward to seeing you back on the river and hope to be able to broaden these rules in Phase Two.


Kirk Lang

CRF Executive Director

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