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CRF Annual Fund

The Cleveland Rowing Foundation (CRF) a non-profit organization located at Rivergate Park in the flats, has been in Cleveland since 1989, promoting the athletic, health, educational and social benefits of rowing throughout Greater Cleveland.  In its 35th year, it provides and maintains a state-of-the-art facility that houses rowing shells, oars, and exercise equipment used by its 1,500 members comprised of high school, collegiate, and adult rowers from its eight member organizations including; Saint Ignatius High School, Beaumont High School, Shaker Heights High School, Cleveland Metropolitan School District, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland State University, John Carroll University and Western Reserve Rowing Association. CRF is also proud to be the home of Freedom Rows, Athletes Without Limits, and adaptive/para rowing.

CRF’s Annual Fund maintains every part of the CRF budget including facility maintenance, equipment purchases and further development and expansion of the site. Gifts to CRF’s Annual Fund have a direct impact on the quality of each member organization’s programming and the resources available that our rowers utilize every day. The Annual Fund also provides CRF with the latitude to make quick decisions which could positively impact the Foundation’s member organizations, or to overcome unexpected challenges.


We are tremendously grateful to all our donors:  those with the means to make a sizeable gift to the CRF Annual Fund whose gifts inspire others to give, and the smaller, yet equally generous gifts, which play an essential role in the maintaining the vitality of CRF. The collective efforts of our donors and members lends strength to the Foundation, and their support demonstrates the commitment of our members to our corporate supporters who take into consideration the number of donors from our Foundation as a key measure when determining grants or future sponsorships.


Your gift, at ANY level, keeps CRF strong and has a direct impact on the quality of CRF’s programs and the experience for everyone that walks through our doors. THANK YOU!


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